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Anti rash & Anti Thigh Chafing Cream Alepa Period Salve Ylang Ylang & Amla Extract by Period Hub

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Basic Description

Alepa in Sanskrit means (pure & clean) and an ointment or Salve used for healing. In Earlier times a paste of medicinal herbs was mixed with ghee, oil or honey and applied thickly on the affected areas.


- Alepa relieves thigh rashes, chafing & itching due to using pads for prolonged times, running, walking, cycling or wearing soggy underwear.

- Coconut oil keeps the intimate area soft and moist while the antibacterial properties of activated charcoal & ylang ylang helps to absorb stench and gives long lasting freshness.

Package Specifications

- 4 cm (diameter) 2.5 cm (height)

How to use?

- Rub the cream on areas prone to rashes or already existing rashes.

- Tip: Apply the cream before you put on your pad or getting ready for your run/ swim/ jog

- Caution: Patch test the product on inner elbow before using on skin.

- Discontinue if any irritation occurs.