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Chic Nutrix

Chicnutrix Glow - Japanese Glutathione & Vitamin C for Skin Radiance & Glow - 20 Effervescent Tablets - Strawberry Lemon Flavour

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Product Description

Chicnutrix Glow is the perfect combination of Japanese Glutathione and Vitamin C to give you the radiant glowing skin. Both the ingredients are clinically proven, and dermatologist approved. It is safe to consume, gentle on stomach and has no side effects.

The Swiss Effervescent technology makes the absorption of the nutrients very easy and highly efficient. It increases the bioavailability because the drink reaches the stomach at just the right pH for effective absorption.


Clinically proven & made with Swiss Effervescent technology

500mg Japanese Glutathione and 40mg Vitamin C for Skin Glow and Radiance

Reduces dark spots, pigmentation and melanin production

Even tones skin for healthy glowing skin

Fights free radicals, pollution and UV rays with powerful antioxidants

Dermatologist approved, gentle on stomach and 100% Vegan with no side effects.


Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology and 100% Vegan, Chicnutrix Glow is a Beauty Nutrition Supplement formulated with 500mg Glutathione and 40mg Vitamin C to give a healthy glowing and radiant skin.

Due to stressful environment and fast paced busy life, our body does not produce enough Glutathione or get enough nutrients with the current food and lifestyle. Hence, supplements become necessary to get the much-needed nutrients to maintain the health of our skin.

Japanese Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that fights the cell damage caused by free radicals, UV rays and pollution. It also helps in reducing dark spots, pigmentation and melanin production and promotes even toned skin.

Vitamin C helps the body to effectively absorb the Glutathione and increases the efficiency of the Glutathione. It also prevents pre-mature aging, fine lines and boosts collagen production.


It is available in a tube of 20 effervescent tablet in delicious strawberry-lemon flavour to make the experience more fun and yummier.

Indications for Use

Anyone above the age of 16, can drink Chicnutrix Glow at any time of the day as per convenience.

How to Use:

Pop, Fizz & Cheers.

Drop 1 tablet in a 250ml of water (approx.), wait for it to dissolve and drink for Skin Glow & Radiance.