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Chic Nutrix

Chicnutrix Happee - Triple Action Cranberry, D-Mannose & Ursolia for Urinary Tract Infection

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Product Description

Ursolia®Salvia officinalis extract, Cranberry extract and D-Mannose, a perfect combination to support urinary tract health and Natural UTI management

The Triple Action Formula relieves pain, cleanses and protects urinary tract and resists urinary tract infections. It maintains Urinary Tract Health & helps prevent inflammation. Urinary tract infections are more common in women, especially pregnant women.

Urinary tract infections are most common among women. Over 50% of women will experience a UTI at least once during their lifetime, with 20% to 30% experiencing recurrent UTIs. Cranberry powder, cranberry juice and cranberry extract for urinary tract infections are popular remedies. But the PAC content in these are not high enough to help with the urinary tract infection. There are also cranberry capsules available but capsules have low bioavailability and take longer time to absorb unlike effervescent tablets which have higher bioavailability and faster onset of action.


Cranberry helps cleanse and protect from the urinary tract infection. Unlike cranberry capsules, cranberry in effervescent form has faster onset action and higher bioavailability. Cranberry extracts in Chicnutrix Happee have 50% PACs which act as urinary tract cleanser.

Effective against recurring infections caused by E. Coli p-fimbriae, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus. Chicnutrix Happee is an ideal supplement to maintain urinary tract health and fight against urinary tract infection for women.

Clinically Proven Ingredients, Dermatologist approved & 100% Vegan


Chicnutrix Happee, made with Swiss Effervescent Technology and formulated with clinically proven Ursolia® Salvia officinalis extract, Cranberry extract and D-Mannose, a balanced formulation so that you can pee Happy with Happee!

Chicnutrix Happee is a Natural UTI Management Supplement with triple action formula that contains natural ingredients like Cranberry Extracts, Ursolia and D-Mannose.

The combination relieves the pain, cleanses and protects the urinary tract and resists the bacterias causing infections and also prevents the recurrent UTI.

Relieve - Ursolia is a novel ingredient from Sage extract rich in ursolic acid which is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient to combine with Cranberry in the treatment and prevention of UTI. It helps relieve pain by reducing and preventing inflammatory symptoms caused by bacteria Escherichia coli

Cleanse and Protect - Proprietary Cranberry extracts rich in Vitamin C and 50%Proanthocyanidins A, also called as PAC, it is the only product containing the 50% of PACs. PAC is a flavonoid that acts as antioxidants. Cranberry helps cleanse and protect the urinary tract by preventing Escherichia coli from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract

Resist - D- Mannose is a simple sugar that is naturally produced by the body but in small amounts. D- Mannose prevents infectious bacteria - Escherichia coli from sticking to the inside walls of the urinary bladder by sticking to them itself

Chicnutrix Happee is formulated to be gentle on the stomach with faster action and absorption with no side effects to support and maintain your urinary tract health for you to feel more comfortable and free.


Gentle on Stomach & Great on taste in delicious raspberry flavour

Each Tube contains 20 tablets

Package Specifications

It is available in yummylicious Strawberry Flavour with no added sugar.

How to Use?

Chicnutrix Happee is easy to consume, all you need to do is-

Pop 1 Happee Tablet into a Glass of water (250ml approx...)

Fizz and let it dissolve (take up to a minute) and cheers.