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Chic Nutrix

Chicnutrix Super C - Natural Vitamin C (1000mg Amla Extract) & Zinc for Immunity & Skin Protection - 60 Effervescent Tablets - Fizzy Orange Flavour

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Product Description

- Made with Swiss Effervescent Technology and 100% Vegan, Chicnutrix Super C is a Natural Vitamin C supplement formulated with 1000mg Natural Amla Extract and 10mg Zinc for a clear skin.

- Due to stressful environment, nutrition deficient food and fast paced busy life, our body does not get sufficient quantities of Vitamin C or get enough nutrients with the current food and lifestyle and our skin starts having acne breakouts. Hence, supplements become necessary to get the much needed nutrients to maintain the health of our skin.

- Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents cellular damage caused by UV rays, stress, pollution, chemicals and nutrition deficiency.

- Vitamin C aids in skin regeneration, brightens the skin, treats acne and slows down the pre-maturing aging. It improves skin texture, boosts collagen production and gives a healthy, clear skin. Zinc revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin.

- It helps relieve redness and irritation and also helps keep dark spots away.


Clinically proven & made with Swiss Effervescent technology

1000mg Natural Amla Extract and 10mg Zinc for Clear, Acne-free skin

Reduces and Prevents acne breakouts

Provides added sun protection and boosts collagen production

Helps revitalize skin and improves skin texture.

Dermatologist approved, gentle on stomach and 100% Vegan with no side effects.


- Chicnutrix Super C is a skin care supplement made to achieve clear, acne free skin. Both the ingredients are clinically proven and dermatologist approved. It is safe to consume, gentle on stomach and has no side effects.

- The Swiss Effervescent technology makes the absorption of the nutrients very easy and highly efficient. It increases the bioavailability because the drink reaches the stomach at just the right pH for effective absorption.

- It is available in a tube of 20 effervescent tablet in delicious orange flavor to make the experience more fun and yummy.

Package Specifications

Each Tube contains 20 tablets

Anyone above the age of 16, can drink Chicnutrix Super C at any time of the day as per convenience.

How to Use: Pop, Fizz & Cheers. Drop 1 tablet in a 250ml of water (approx.), wait for it to dissolve and drink for Acne-free & Clear Skin with added sun protection.