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Goli Soda

Eco Femme Organic Night Pad - Pack Of 1

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Basic Description
1 pad per pack The Night Pad is our largest pad! It is best suited for your nights and heavy flow days. Additional length and width at the back of the pad provide better coverage when lying down.
Features/ Purpose
- Indian cotton 100% organic, unbleached - Stitched in one piece - Top layer: cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour - Inner layers: 7 layers cotton flannel in undyed natural cotton colour - Back layer: cotton with leakproof PUL in red and whi
Eco-Friendly Washable Comfortable Re Usable
100% Organic Indian Cotton. Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) Certified, Colour Dyes Are Certified Organic
Package Specifications
Width : 30.00 cm Height : 7.00 cm Weight : 50.00 gm Material : 100% Organic Indian Cotton Package Include : 1 Night Pad
Indications for use:
How To Wash Reusable Sanitary Napkin: - Soak The Pad In Water For Few Minutes - Rinse The Used Cloth Pads With Cold Water. - Use Ordinary Soap To Wash. Dry It In Sun. - If Needed You Can Put It In Soap Water For Some Time. - Don't Use Hot Water Or Brush On The Pads. - Guaranteed For 75 Washes, It Can Be Used Upto 5 Years If Cared For Properly

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