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Gynoveda Women's Daily Detox 1 month

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Basic Description


- Perfect mixture of 8 Premium Ayurvedic herbs best for Women's Detox

- Helps in flushing out harmful toxins on a Daily level

- Helps in Digestion, Improves Metabolism

- Daily Consumption of Detox pills prevent lifestyle disorders for future - Night pill - 'Works when you're asleep'

Features/ Purpose

- Clinically research Ayurvedic herbs

- FDA approved

- Gynec tested

- Consume daily before bedtime 1 month pack - 60 Pills


- Made for Women's health & wellness

- Full body detox to flush-out toxins

- Uterus detox for healthy periods

- Purify blood to prevent lifestyle illness

- Clears dead cells for glowing skin

- Anti-acidity, controls bloating

- Night pill - Works when you're sleeping


Herbs - Triphala - The God of Body Detox Ginger + Hing - Gently scraps cell level toxins Pippali - Transfers toxins to gut Castor - Flushes out solid toxins via bowel Punarnava - Drains liquid toxins via urine

Package Specifications

1 month pack - 60 Pills