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Parampara organics

Lemon Ginger Energy Drink - Vedantika Herbals (250 gm)

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Basic Description
Vedantika Herbals Lemon Ginger Energy Drink is a nice blend of lemon and ginger.Vedantika Herbals Lemon Ginger Energy Drink is definitely a revitalizing drink.
Features/ Purpose
- 100 percent natural and pure energy drink - Very refreshing - Improves digestion - Gives instant energy - Healthy and tasty
Lemon rich in vitamin C and citric acid strengthens the digestive system. It helps to clean the liver and works as good blood purifier. The drink also helps to flush out toxins out of the body. The high content of vitamin C helps to combat free radicals and neutralizes the cell damages. It also strengthens the immunity system of the body.The drink is ideal for indigestion, gas pain and stomach cramps. Ginger in the drink helps to minimize motion sickness and also nausea. The drink replenishes the body with essential nutrients, vitamin, minerals and salts which increases the energy level of the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help control the cholesterol level in the body. The ginger lemon drink gives relief and help recover quickly from cough and cold. The drink has no added artificial colour or flavour.
Lemon and ginger extract
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Indications for use:
Directions: Mix instantly in cold water.

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