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Nabhi Sutra Healthy Hair - Pure Ayurvedic Belly Button Oil

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Basic Description


This Ayurvedic formula improves digestion and blood circulation, and helps the body to better absorb minerals responsible for healthy hair growth, volume and vibrancy. The belly button is connected to 72,000 veins inside the body. It moisturises the veins that are responsible for greying of hair and makes them strong and healthy from the roots.

It is a 100 percent natural preparation with no side-effects. This oil is highly nutritious and possesses remarkable healing and rejuvenating qualities proven to help reduce hair loss. We came with a NEW & IMPROVED version of HEALHY HAIR BELLY BUTTON OIL! Now it contains goodness of thyme oil and turmeric oil in it. 

It supports your digestive system and helps loose unwanted weight, calms sore muscles and aching joints and gives you an energy boost. As an added bonus, it nourishes your skin, treats infections and reduces body odour. 


- Supports hair growth
- Delays Greying
- Nourishing & Cleansing scalp
- Fights dandruff problems


Cocos Nucifera
Nigella Sative
Melaleuca Alternifolia
Curcuma Longa
Thymus Serpyllum

How To Apply:

- Put 2-3 drops of required Nabhi Sutra oil in your belly button before you go to bed in the night.

- Allow it to penetrate by massaging it in a circular clockwise motion for beneficial results.

- And you are done! Just do not forget to clean your belly button in the morning.



- Please apply oil on your hands first an keep it for 20 mins.

- If you do not see any allergic reactions, you can continue using the oil.

- In case of any reaction, consult your doctor.

- Do not use this method if you are a pregnant or a lactating mother.