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Nabhi Sutra Pure Ayurvedic belly button oil for Pain Relief Body, Back, Knee and Legs, all joints pain relief

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Basic Description

NOTHING CAN STOP YOU! Using the Nabhi Sutra Joint pain oil on a regular basis will effectively reduce pain and strengthen the joints. It improves flexibility and is a good regimen for early stage of arthritis.

ADD ON BENEFITS: It helps heal infections in the body, upset stomach and digestion. It also improves moisture in the skin.


- Helps to reduce knee pain, backache and other joint pain

- Helps to improve digestion & related issues

- Gives healing effect to infection and inflammation


CONTAINS: Ricinus Communis Zingiber Officinale Olea Europaea


- Put 2-3 drops of required Nabhi Sutra oil in your belly button before you go to bed in the night.

- Allow it to penetrate by massaging it in a circular clockwise motion for beneficial results.

- And you are done! Just do not forget to clean your belly button in the morning.


- Please apply oil on your hands first an keep it for 20 mins.

- If you do not see any allergic reactions, you can continue using the oil.

- In case of any reaction, consult your doctor.

- Do not use this method if you are a pregnant or a lactating mother.