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Parampara organics

Nourish Organics Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

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Basic Description
Our fruit and nuts trail mix comes in a divine combo of 2! Our fruit and nuts trail mix is a decadent blend of raw almonds, cashews and walnuts, which get a sweet pairing with yummy dried fruits. Packing in power punches from essential minerals, vitamins and omega-3s and much needed required healthy fat for your body; while the dried fruits impart anti-oxidants, fibre, heart and body healthy properties. Our trail mix is full of fibre, healthy plant protein, and antioxidants, this mix is the perfect snack to keep with you for a nourishing pick-me-up anywhere, anytime!. Nourish Organics brings to you a healthy snack packed with good nutritive value in a crunchy twist. Our trail mix is a fusion of our traditional crunchy snacks paired with a deliciously savoury aftertaste to whet your palete. Satisfy your appetite with the right balance of exquisite indulgence and healthy goodness, and enjoy them as a wholesome treat any time of the day!
Features/ Purpose
Total Volume: 120 Grams Shelf Life: 6 Months Ingredient Type: Vegetarian
Crispy And Crunchy Made with a perfect blend of flavourful nuts and fruits, it has a delicious crunchy texture. Relish a rich taste of delicious flavours with every bite. Appetising Aroma It is prepared with an authentic taste and aromatic note. The mix adds a dose of health some nouishment to your day and make for a wholesome snack during your tea time or short breaks. Safe Packaging The product is made of pure vegetarian ingredients that are of a safe quality. This ready to eat trail mix is packed in a tightly sealed packaging to preserve the flavourful taste.
Almonds, Figs, Dehydrated Apples, Apricot, Pineapple Candy
Package Specifications
Cuisine - Indian Specialty - Fat Free, Organic, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives Ingredient Type - Vegetarian Brand - Nourish Organics Region Produced In - ‎India Manufacturer - Nourish Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. Serving Size - ‎30 Grams
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