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Parampara organics

Organic Edible Groundnut Oil 1 L - by Down to Earth

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Basic Description
Cold Pressed Organic Groundnut Oil is a delicious substitute for other cooking oils as it is produced using absolutely no heat during manufacture and storage. It can be used for cooking and application given multiple benefits.
Features/ Purpose
Organic Groundnut oil is an organic material oil derived from groundnuts, to have the aroma and taste of its parent legume. Groundnut oil is appreciated for its high smoking point. Its major component fatty acids are oleic acid (46.8%), linolenic acid (33.4%) and linolenic and palmitic acid. Ground nut oil is a flavor less oil. Its lack of flavor makes it ideal for frying. Groundnut oil is high in MUFA that lowers the level of bad cholesterol in our body without lowering the level of good cholesterol.
Groundnut oil has very good lipid profile. It has saturated, MUFA and PUFA in healthy proportion. It is one of the stable cooking oil that has very long shelf life. This pleasant, sweet flavored groundnut oil is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol, contain essential fatty acid (linolenic acid –omega-6) making it as one of the healthiest cooking oil, best for frying. Being vegetable oil it is good source of plant sterols especially beta sterols; phytosterols competitively inhibit cholesterol absorption on gut and can reduce cholesterol level by 10%-15%. Groundnut oil contains resveratrol, a poly phenol antioxidant which have been found to have protective function against cancer, reduced stroke risk.
Groundnut oil has deep yellow color with pleasant and nutty aroma, sweet taste. Refined oil has light yellow color and neutral taste. It is one of the cooking oil with high smoking point of 4500 Fahrenheit.
Package Specifications
Item model number - 8906106971317 Units - ‎1000 milliters Storage Instructions -‎Store in a cool, dry place. Country of origin - ‎India Manufacturer - Down To Earth Organic Food
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