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Parampara organics

Organic Sunflower Oil 1 Ltr by Down to Earth

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Basic Description
Organic sun flower oil with its golden yellow color and distinct nutty flavor is popular general purpose oil. Organic Sunflower oil with its high oleic acid content has a very neutral taste and smell. It is much more stable than normal sunflower oil.
Features/ Purpose
The oleic acid content of sunflower oil lowers the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol, so is desirable food supplement for healthy heart. Sunflower oil is light in taste and appearance and supplies more vitamins E. It is valued for its light taste.
Sunflower oil is a combination of MUFA and PUFA with low saturated fat levels. It is recommended in the diet that aims to prevent cardiovascular diseases and lower bad cholesterol. Their rich essential fatty acid content has beneficial effect on the skin. In organic form vitamin trace is much higher.
Sun flower contains linolenic acid in triglyceride form, palmitic acid -4-9%, stearic acid 1-7%, oleic acid 48-74%. Sun flower oil has extremely high cooking temperature. It may also help food to stay fresh and healthier for longer period of time. It contains a large percentage (65%) of linolenic acid.
Package Specifications
Volume - 1000 Millilitres Ingredient Type - Vegetarian Brand - Down to Earth Item part number AC-3PPK-O9J3 Net Quantity - 1000 millilitres Package Dimensions - 29.9 x 8.5 x 8.08 cm; 998 Grams Specialty - Organic
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