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Parampara organics

Parsley 30g by Down to Earth

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Basic Description
Parsley is one of nature's most important herbs and need to be taken daily in the diet to help in maintaining a high level of well being. Today, chopped parsley leaves are popular for garnishing, mostly soups and vegetables. It is eaten in stews, salads, soups. Parsley is often used for sauces; the famous German Green Sauce is an example.
Features/ Purpose
Chopped parsley and garlic in olive oil make a wonderful Mediterranean sauce, to be served with boiled fish. As parsley aroma suffers from any prolonged heat treatment, parsley leaves should not be cooked if distinct parsley fragrance is desired; quick frying in olive oil, though, is acceptable. Eating parsley at the end of a meal will aid in digestion and counteract gas and overcomes the scent of garlic. Stir Parsley into melted garlic butter for a savory pasta or steamed vegetable topper. Add directly to liquids, cooked foods, melted butter, and salad dressings for a light spicy touch.
Parsley is used to control high blood pressure as well as rheumatism. Due to its diuretic properties, its roots play great service in gravel, stone, and jaundice. Raw parsley clear the blood, dissolves sticky deposits in veins, maintains the elasticity of blood vessels, facilitates removal of moderately sized kidney & gallstones, good to treat deafness and ear infections. If there is bad breath, chewing parsley prevents it.
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