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Pee Safe Intimate Powder for Women - 75gm (Pack Of 1)

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Basic Description
Pee Safe has especially crafted an intimate powder keeping in mind the daily needs of a woman. The intimate powder is designed with a unique formula that absorbs all the unwanted moisture from your intimate area keeping the area dry and fresh all day long. With the help of Vitamin E, it treats dry and itchy skin and soothes the intimate area. It also prevents the breeding of fungal infection and bacteria in the vaginal area. Using the powder on a day to day/daily basis can prevent rashes and irritation in the area.
Features/ Purpose
Intimate Powder Key Features: - Safe For Skin - Prevents Dryness And Soothe Irritation - Treats Chafed Skin - Prevents Fungal Infections
TO DITCH THE ITCH AND REPLACE IT WITH FRESHNESS. Pee Safe Intimate Powder is dermatologically tested and provides the best intimate hygiene experience with its dryness combating properties and to top it all off, the powder keeps you fresh ALL DAY LONG! With Clotrimazole IP and Vitamin E as the key ingredients for Natural Intimate Powder, all risks of infections and other health hazards are eliminated. Lemongrass fragrance: Infused with lemongrass fragrance for a fresh feeling Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps to combat dryness and soothe irritation Treats chafed skin: Perfect for both the prevention and treatment of chafed skin Dermatologically tested: The powder is dermatologically tested and provides the safest experience for your intimate area
Vitamin E, Clotrimazole IP
Package Specifications

Indications for use:
HOW TO USE Step 1 Wipe The Intimate Area Step 2 Open The Bottle Cap Step 3 Dust The Powder Externally

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