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Period Hub Antara Intimate Wash Triphala & Neem Extract

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Basic Description

Antara is a mild, soap-free intimate wash with the right combination of organic, skin-friendly ingredients that is designed to keep the labia skin folds clean while maintaining the vaginal pH.

Features/ Purpose

Infused with Triphala & Neem extract, Antara is a mild cleanser which helps to manage hygiene around initmate areas. Aloe vera soothes any minor cut or skin abrasions, Coconut vinegar deodorizes and prevents the growth of harmful microbes.

Together these ingredients, packed in a wash, gives you an elevated experience of hygiene and confidence.


Vagina is a self cleansing organ and does not need any cleansing. However, your labia folds acuumulate dirt, sweat and grime due to prolonged use of pads or soggy under wears, and hence should be cleaned with a mild, soapfree intimate wash like Antara.

Package Specifications

4.8 cm (diameter) 15 cm (height)

Indications for use:

How to use?

- Take 15 - 20 drops of the wash on palm and apply on intimate area till it forms gentle froth. Wash it clean and pat it dry.

- Tip: While cleaning your genitals, always ensure you clean starting from front and heading towards back side. The other way round can lead to infections

- Caution: This wash is not meant for douching. Please refrain from using it to clean your vaginal cavity. Patch test the product on inner elbow before using on skin.

- Discontinue if any irritation occurs.