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Period Hub

Period Hub - PRAKRITI Reusable Cloth Pads (Large)

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Basic Description

Our Cloth pads and Panty Liners are made of 100% cotton fabric and can absorb daily vaginal discharge, sweat, light to heavy period flow. Cloth Pads consists of upto 9 layers of absorbent cotton flannel. Snap button on its wings aids fastening of the pads. Toss them into the washing machine with your intimate wear and they are ready for reuse!I

Features/ Purpose
Size - For very Heavy Flow/ Night Pad (8 absorbent layers)


Our plastic and chemical-free cloth pads are the best way to nurture your body during your periods. The pads have been layered adequately with 100% cotton fabric considering the flow on those days and are available in three sizes.

Carefully handcrafted our reusables pads are skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and pocket friendly in the long run. Carefully hand stitched, our reusables pads are skin-friendly and eco-friendly. Each pad suffices at least 75 washes

Package Specifications
31.5 cm x 9 cm (21.5 with wings)

Indications for use:

How to use?

- Place the pad on your underwear such that plain side should touch the skin. Fasten the wings around crotch with help of snap buttons.

- Change every 6 hours or basis your flow

- Washing Instructions: Soak your soiled cloth pads in normal/ cold water for at-least 30 - 40 minutes.

- Add a cap full of Bio-Laundry Wash. Wash with hand by rubbing pad against each other or in washing machine.

- Avoid using hot water as it will set stains on pads. DO NOT use brush on pad as it makes the fabric hard over the course of time.

- Sun dry on clothesline or in tumble dryer on low heat