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Period Hub Senhana Body Oil Holy Basil & Neroli

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Basic Description

A compassionate blend of Holy Basil and Neroli, makes Snehana a relaxing and rejuvinating Body Massage Oil with its therapeutic properties.

Features/ Purpose

This unique blend of essential oils in sesame seed oil is perfect to pamper yourself to a magical massage experience. An age-old practice to massage your body during periods helps relieve stress and anxiety.


Blended with cold pressed sesame seed oil adds to its potency in soothing menstrual discomforts related to muscles and joints. With a mild fragrance, this exquisite blend evokes a sense of self-love and leaves your skin silk-soft.

Package Specifications

3.7 cm (diameter) 14.7 cm (height)

Indications for use:

How to use?:

- Warm up the Oil (optional). Sit on a mat (preferably on the floor) for oil application.

- Apply oil at room temperature by using long strokes up & down on the limbs and back, circular motions on joints, organs and vital points (clockwise direction especially).

- Leave oil on for atleast 8 min but not beyond 45 min.

- Wash or wipe off the oil afterwards so the toxins pulled out are not reabsorbed.

- Take time to pause and give yourself the nourishment and touch while you enjoy the benefits of daily oil bath!

- Caution: Patch test the product on inner elbow before using on skin. Discontinue if any irritation occurs.