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Period Hub Sutra Cramp Relief PMS Roll On Borage & Clary Sage Oil

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Basic Description

A heavenly blend of Borage and Mediterranean herbs like Clary Sage & Evening Primrose makes Sutra the perfect solution for relieving cramps and pre-menstrual symptoms.

Features/ Purpose

Soothe your senses and balance your chakras with our thoughtfully blended oils. Cultures across the world Mayan, Macedonian, Egyptian, Indus valley civilization have used oils for health benefits. So have we!

And considered ancient practices of applying an oil that helps in curing infections, reducing stomach pains & menstrual cramps. Our oils are cold-pressed and can be used regularly and safely on teenagers as well.


Using this roll on will magically reduce breast tenderness, irritability, cramps and unexpected menstrual flow. This exquisite blend of herbs and oil is energised to provide you with a sense of calm and peace!

Package Specifications

1.8 cm (diameter) 8 cm (height)
Indications for use:

How to use?

- Start to use this product atleast one week before you anticipate your periods. Roll on this exotic blend in the navel once every day.

- Use this blend once or twice a day during your periods as this will help in easing the cramps and inflammation around abdomen.

- You can also apply this blend on your pulse points like back on neck below the ears, wrists and temple. Or simply roll on heart meridian for better effectiveness.

- Caution: Patch test the product on inner elbow before using on skin. Discontinue if any irritation occurs