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Pure and Sure - Organic Barnyard Millet (500 g)

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One of the richest grains around, our Organic Barnyard Millet is bringing back tradition in a whole new and clean avatar. From being administered as a porridge to your babies to giving a healthy twist to your upmas, khichdis, fried rice, and more, this grain is all you need for your daily dose of digestible proteins.

No Artificial Colours

100% Certified Organic

Pesticide Free

Certified Farms

Preservative Free



What is in it?

- Made from 100% organic barnyard millets grown in certified organic farms

- Low glycemic index

- Loaded with fibre content, phosphorus and calcium

- Great source of iron, zinc and protein

What is not in it?

- DDT, Chlorpyrifos, Carbendazim

- Chemicals, additives or preservatives

- Nothing impure and unsure

- Preservatives