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Pure and Sure - Organic Moringa Powder (150 g)

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Lovingly called the golden powder of natural immunity, our organic moringa powder is a multi-faceted health catalyst. It boosts immunity, helps in weight loss, and is perfect for an anti-inflammatory diet. Add it to soups, teas, and juices, or simply consume a spoonful of this wonder powder with a glass of water.

No Artificial Colours

100% Certified Organic

Pesticide Free

Certified Farms

Preservative Free


What is in it?

- 100% organic moringa leaves grown in certified organic farms

- Rich in proteins, minerals, amino acids, flavonoids and antioxidants

- Rich in Vitamin A, C and E

What is not in it?

- DDT, Chlorpyrifos, Carbendazim

- Chemicals, additives or preservatives

- Nothing impure and unsure

- Synthetic colours