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Salad Classic Ultra-Thin Condoms - Pack of 5 (India's First Vegan Condoms)

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Our original Ultra-Thin condom in Classic: so thin you’ll barely feel it.

Tested for ultra-sensitivity. Made from natural rubber latex sourced from the only sustainable rubber forest in India. Vegan-friendly, no harmful chemicals, and 100% electronically tested for long-lasting security. Good for you, good for the planet. 🌏

Protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Use it with your sex toys when you're pleasuring yourself - keep the germs at bay!

Safe sex > No Sex

We're India's coolest brand of condoms. Our goal: a world where buying a condom is not a nightmare. 

Width 53±2mm 
Length min. 180mm
100% electronically tested for long-lasting security 
Rubber sourced from India's only fairtrade rubber rainforests

Benefits/ Uses
- No harmful chemicals.
- No artifical smell or flavour.
- Protects against STIs.
- 99% success rate in preventing unplanned pregnancies. 
- So thin you'll barely feel it. 

Package specifications
Discreet packaging

Directions for Use
- Mentioned on inside leaflet. 
- Do not flush after use.
- Throw it in a dustbin, 

- Expiry: 36 months from date of manufacture
- For single use only.
- Use only one condom at a time. 
- Keep in a cool and dark place. 
- Avoid heat or friction during storage.