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Period Hub

Saukhya Snuggle Bag by Period Hub

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Basic Description

This little rice cushion is a quick grab for your periods.


Now replace those tedious hot water bags or plastic gel bags with this easy to use rice filled snuggle bag. Heat it in microwave or use it for cold compress after chilling it in deep freezer.


Your cramps or backache, sore thighs or tired legs. This bag works as a super comfort device.

Package Specifications

37.5 (length) 14 cm (width) 1 cm (height)

Indications for use

How to use?

- Microwave it for less than a couple minutes and you will get an energizing whiff of the heavenly lavender/ invigorating lemongrass, along with the toasty rice.

- Massage the affected area with our oil and treat it with warm aromatherapy snuggle pouch. Kiss goodbye to your aches and cramps.